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Along with good, always come some bad. In today's world, there is a tremendous rebellion against authority, the status quo, the establishment - especially by labour and students. This condition can be paralleled with a great Roman Empire that once lived and fell - fell because it got spoiled in its own richness. We are in to see crippling strikes one after another, and students taking over universities all over the world, rebelling against almost anything.


Would it not be wonderful if we could only channel this tremendous energy, this tremendous brainpower of our young people today into the right production areas. This becomes your own personal challenge, if you can channel your energies, your abilities and your time into one specific area constructively, you will be a success. It isn't hard because so few are really trying. Most people go to their graves with their best tune still in them...the most beautiful melodies in all the world and never played, simply because the average person has never learned to get them out. Our dynamic growing economy needs and will reward the uncommon person who seeks a place in that growth.


What then must you do to become a success in life? Three things:

  1. You must develop the right mental ATTITUDE.
  2. You must establish a GOAL AND PURPOSE.
  3. You must pay the PRICE.

First, let us talk about attitude, for it is our attitude towards life which will determine life's attitude towards us. If we take the position that we cannot do some things, we generally will not do it. We shape our own lives, and the shape of them will be determined by our attitude. William James of Harvard University said "That the greatest discovery of my generation is THAT HUMAN BEINGS CAN ALTER THEIR LIVES BY ALTERING THEIR ATTITUDES OF MIND". What we receive in life or fail to receive is largely due to our own attitude. Isn't it wonderful that we have this measure of control?


But before we talk about our conception towards the world, let us talk about our feeling towards ourselves since it is the attitude that we take towards ourselves which determines our attitude toward the world. Here we come to a strange fact - we are so familiar with ourselves that we tend to take ourselves for granted. We minimize our accomplishments, the goals that we can reach, and for some EQUALLY strange reason, we believe others can accomplish things in our field that we cannot. There are millions of people who lead sheltered and darkened lives because they live defensively they have failed to change their attitude! Many people are suspicious of a change - yet change is one thing in life we can absolutely count on. 


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