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Ocean Watch has party and tour at Nygård Cay


NYGÅRD CAY - is the location of the twenty-bedroom home of the world-renowned fashion designer Peter Nygård. Mr. Nygård hosted a tour of his home on Sunday past which was a part of a fundraising event for Ocean Watch, a group concerned with the preservation of the environment. The event was basically to raise funds for a marine park at the southeastern part of New Providence. The story is by Hadassah Hall and Photo by Andrew Seymour.

OceanWatchOcean Watch teamed up with Peter Nygård, the famous fashion designer, who opened the doors of his fantasy home for the Oceanwatch fundraising party, held on Sunday July 16th at Nygård Cay, Layford Cay.


The proceeds will go towards drawing up a proposal and working towards establishing a national Marine Park at the western end of New Providence, for the purpose of reef and ocean conservation.


Oceanwatch Bahamas Ltd. is a volunteer nonprofit company established by concerned individuals and corporate citizens just for the purpose of reef and ocean conservation. Its primary goals are to install mooring buoys around New Providence in order to protect the coral from anchor damage. Goals also include the enforcement of the fishing regulations and to educate individuals about the need to preserve our marine resource.


And, according to Sally Varani, volunteer and secretary of Oceanwatch Bahamas, their main aim for the next 12 months, is to establish a marine park and reserve at the western end of New Providence. She added that 50 mooring buoys have been installed around New Providence and some around the Family Islands. "We to would like get more out. We don't want people anchoring in the coral --- it damages the coral. Our main aim is to get buoys around all major used dive and snorkeling sires," said Sally.


Each sponsor's name and /or logo are printed on the buoys. Additionally, along with other environmental groups in the Bahamas, Oceanwatch has successfully stopped long-line fishing and the government has agreed not to issue long-line fishing permits.


"The shark site that got fished out is now back on course. They have about 50 sharks coming into feed daily and it's a great tourist attraction," said the Oceanwatch volunteer. Also, she mentioned that a sand dredging project was successfully relocated from the western end of the New Providence, where it would have destroyed the reef for many dives sites. "And, the area that it was to take place in is the only area around New Providence where you can do a sure dive and its excellent snorkeling from 100 yards from shore. That's off the area we would like to be in our marine park," said Sally.


It was admitted that there are still many sites which need to be buoyed and the ones already in place, must be maintained, with this in mind, Oceanwatch has just purchased BC tags, which are to be sold to divers, all proceeds go to the mooring buoy fund. Additionally, persons attending the fundraising event got a personal tour of Nygård Cay by Peter Nygård, himself!"


Not far from the 20-guest bedroom home is a piece of the Berlin Wall. "I sent one of our people down to catch a little bit of history over there. I was born in Finland and we were very close to being on the east side of that wall, instead of the west side and I look at it everyday and I appreciate how lucky all of us are --- having been born this side and how lucky it is being in the Bahamas, this wonderful country. So, it's a constant reminder for all of us," said Nygård.


He admitted that he doesn't need a house of this size for himself, but it is an architectural dream.


"I do my own architecture, my own interior designing, my own engineering. So, by no means is it a house that you need, but it's something to be shared with everyone else and that's what I'm doing right now," the world famous designer said.


Some of the features included in the house that are underway are a 30-car garage, architecture inspired by the Mayans, and aquarium, spas, walk in closets, and a 50 ft. high ceiling which has an inside ceiling, fibre glass plywood ceiling on top and then an outside ceiling. Also, the bedroom has glass doors, inviting the ocean breeze to come through, retractable screens and hurricane shutters. Sufficient lights, which is the most sufficient light that can be used, gives a golden glow to the mansion at night.


Additionally, there is a hanging bedroom on a cable. "By the push of a button, it will lower itself down to the water so you can take a swim with the dolphins. Push the button and go up and have breakfast," said Nygård.


Every Cabana has its own car, which can be driven on the 1580 roadway that is included in the home. The Roadway can also be used as a jogging track. Fundraising will be turned into an annual event.


"This is really a fun way to share the place with all the people. This is too big of a place to have it all for yourself anyway," he said.


Officials of Oceanwatch would also like to be able to offer programs to local schools, giving them information on reef ecology and conservation, making students aware of how precious their reef system is and its position within the whole global scene.