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Sir Sidney Poitier & Peter Nygård  Sir Sidney Poitier & Peter Nygård


Sir Sidney Poitier - 'Thank You Peter Nygård for your support of Bahamas: "I want to thank the kind Sir (Peter Nygård) for his many, many contributions to the Bahamas and his spreading the word about what a wonderful place the Bahamas is. I know he is enjoying his life there, his home there , and he is welcome there. I hope he stays there with us and forever enjoys his life in the Bahamas."

Cathy Lee Crosby, Sir Sidney Poitier & Peter Nygård   Peter Nygård & Cathy Lee Crosby


Sir Sidney Poitier - 'Thank You Peter Nygård for your Generous Contribution & Support for the Bahamas' Golden Girls: "What many of you here tonight don't know about is this man [Peter Nygård] and the contributions he has made to the Bahamas. He is always opening his beautiful home for charity events. Just this summer he hosted a party to support the Bahamian Olympic team, and our Golden Girls. At this party he (Peter Nygård) challenged all Bahamians to support the team, and he generously offered to match the contributions with his own funds. We thank you Mr Nygard for hosting this party to support the Bahamas."


Bahamas Tourism group: Basil Johnson , Janet Johnson & Gary Murphy   Eureka Glinton /Bahamas Tourism, Cathy Lee Crosby (Actress), & Vivian Mur / LA Times


Sir Sidney Poitier Reflects on his Love for Bahamas: "When a person goes to the to the Bahamas they have one thing in mind and that is to be taken care of & treated wonderfully. The Bahamians treat you wonderfully, you are a KING, you are a Queen, a PRINCESS -- they MUST take care of you the world over, and the reason you go back to a certain place is because we are taken care of. So I make my home in the Bahamas, I go there to be taken care of."


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