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Peter Nygård & Bahamas Int'l Film Festival Premiere 'Haven' @ NYGÅRD CAY Bahamas Resort

Peter Nygård & Bahamas Int'l Film Festival Premiere 'Haven' @ NYGÅRD CAY Bahamas Resort

 Nygård Cay Bahamas Resort (NCBR)

On SAT SEP17-05, Peter Nygård hosted over 600 guests at his NYGÅRD CAY Bahamas Resort for a fundraiser with the Bahamas Int’l Film Festival (BIFF). Peter Nygård was happy to share his home, one of the largest & most breathtaking in the world, to help raise money for the festival.

  Director Frankie Flowers - Zoe Saldana - Peter Nygård - Producer Robbie Brenner

This event follows last year’s exclusive filmmaker’s retreat that Nygård hosted at NYGÅRD CAY during the 2004 film festival. NYGÅRD CAY has become the quintessential venue for film, charities & inspiration where VIP guests can enjoy films under the stars as well as NYGÅRD CAY's state-of-the-art home movie theatre.

 Peter Nygård - Karen & Richard Herring Chairman of BIFF   Cisely Saldana - Robbie Brenner - Zoe Saldana - Kai Nygård

At this event, Director Frankie Flowers & Producer Robbie Brenner introduced the premiere of their new film Haven, starring Orlando Bloom, Zöe Saldana & Anthony Mackie. Haven is a film about two shady businessmen (Paxton & Dillane) who flee to the Cayman Islands to escape federal prosecutors on their tail. Meanwhile their escape ignites a chain reaction that leads a British native (Bloom) to commit a crime that changes the nation. The film Haven could be described as “Pulp Fiction in the Islands.”


 Gordon Mills & Lowena Miller - Heather Carey -Terry Miller    Colin Doyle Owner Hard Rock Cafe - Kai Nygård


 Melissa Jackson - Peter Nygård   Melissa Jackson - Peter Nygård - Yves Crump


 Dionna Crump - Melissa Jackson