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Two Given World Olympian Association Positions

The Tribune 

Frank Rutherford appointed president; Peter Nygård appointed honorary chairman


Frank Rutherford, the first Bahamian to win an Olympic track and field medal, will become the first Bahamian appointed to the World Olympians Association (WOA).


Rutherford and Peter Nygård, a 1976 Canadian Olympian in yachting, were both officially appointed to the association by its commissioner of Educational Affairs, Michael O’Hara of the United States.


At a press conference at Nygård’s home in Lyford Cay, O’Hara said he was commissioned by former International Olympic Committee president, Juan Antonio Samatranch, to head the association and to seek out at least one member from each country to become a part of the organisation.  


Rutherford, according to O’Hara, has been appointed as president of the WOA Bahamas, while Nygård has been appointed to the position of the Bahamas honorary chair of the WOA.


O’Hara said: “Now, there is a voice in the Bahamas in our honorary chair and our president, who have both committed to ensuring the Bahamas is represented.


Only former Olympians are appointed to the association.  Current Olympians are invited to direct any suggestions relevant to the WOA, to either of the two appointees, who will take their views forward.


The pair will serve in a voluntary capacity for terms of four years, and will travel to summer and winter Olympics.

Rutherford, who won the bronze metal in the triple jump at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, was not at the conference and was unavailable for comment.


Nygård, CEO of women’s clothing firm Nygård International was “delighted” with the honour, saying: “When Mike approached me about this, I was very excited.  I felt the vibration from the Sydney Olympics about this issue.  I felt that the athletes needed to have a much bigger voice, so this is a natural for me.


There are currently 100,000 members of the organisation, which will get to meet at least once a year to make sure that the games are more suited to the current athletes participating.


 Peter Nygård 


World Olympian Association commissioner responsible for educational affairs, Michael O’Hara yesterday announced the appointment of Bahamian Olympic medallist Frank Rutherford as Bahamas World Olympian Association president. Peter Nygård was appointed honorary chairman


Frank Rutherford 


Olympic medallist Frank Rutherford as Bahamas World Olympian Association president