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Beverly Johnson - Portrait of a Lady/OCT01

Beverly Johnson

Portrait of a Lady - "Peter Nygård Signature makes my life complete, what I wear is how I feel – complete” 


Excerpt from N Magazine

Beverly Johnson is a supermodel, actress, writer, dedicated volunteer, and a proud mother to her only daughter ‘Anansa’.  She is also one of the most celebrated African American women in the world.  Her list of Modelling acccomplishments include:  Over 500 magazine covers, thousands of editorial pages, and hundreds of advertising campaigns.  Beverly said, “There are many events that have shaped my life, but there are two that are prominent for me.  Becoming the first African American to grace the cover of Vogue magazine in August 1974 was a historical moment in time, the colorbarrier was broken – and of course becoming a mother.Beverly Johnson 1 


Beverly Johnson 2

"Peter Nygård Signature makes my life complete, 
what I wear is how I feel – complete”


Born in Buffalo, N.Y.;  she began modelling in 1970 and became one of the first African American models to receive both national and international acclaim opening doors for the likes of Iman, Maomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.  In 1974 Beverly Johnson was the first to appear on the cover of American Vogue, in 1975 the first on the cover of French Elle.  Ms. Johnson has a host of other covers to her name including Cosmopoliton, Glamour, and Essence.  Beverly Johnson etablished herself amongst the premiere models of the 70ties and 80ties.  Modelling opened the doors for her acting career.  She has made appearances in many films including The Baron (’77), Ashanti(’79), and more recently The Meteor Man (’93), How to Be a Player (’97) nad has also guest stared in various television series.  Not only is Beverly Johnson an accomplished fashion model, she is also a successful business woman, with her own Wig, Eyewear, and Hair Care Companies.


Life unfolds many great experiences and Opportunities.  Beverly said, “I do live my life to the fullest.  Life is for the living, to live life is to love life, enjoy everyday that is given, not takeing anything for granted.”  Rejection is something that is inevitable in the modeling world.  Beverly stated, “That, what does not break us only makes us stronger.”  Obviously, this philosophy has taken her to reach the highest aspirations she had set for herself.