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'CBCF - Run for the Cure 2005'

'CBCF - Run for the Cure 2005
Team NYGÅRD Spirit'


  The 14th Anniversary Run T-shirt       The 14th Anniversary Run T-shirt


The Run 2005 was the MOST SUCCESSFUL Run in its 14 year history. Over 170,000 participants walked/ran in 40+ sites across Canada, and as of SUN2 OCT05, $21M+ was raised to help create a future WITHOUT breast cancer!!


  CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - Participants


Peter Nygård & NYGÅRD Int'l have been supporting the fight against breast cancer for well over a decade now & it is absolutely our corporate 'Charity of Choice.'

    CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - Team NYGÅRD - WPG      CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - Team NYGÅRD - WPG


2005 is NYGÅRD's 5th year as a 'NATIONAL CHAMPION' Level sponsor & to date NYGÅRD has provided over 700,000 T-shirts to all of the CIBC Run for the Cure participants across Canada!


 CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - Breast Cancer Survivors - WPG       CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - Len Nicolas - WPG


3 years ago, in addition to the regular run T-shirts, NYGÅRD wanted to do something special for BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS: A pink SURVIVOR T-shirt.


 CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - WPG      CBCF Run for the Cure 05 - Team Nygård - TO


The 'sea of pink' that was seen on SUN OCT2 - stirred mixed emotions, one felt a tinge of sadness because of what this colour has come to represent: lives lost & lives changed because of breast cancer. But, we can also feel Joy & anticipation because every pink T-shirt at the run  represents Victory & HOPE for the future.

For further information on breast cancer, or to make a donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, please visit or call 1-800-387-9816.