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'CBCF - Run for the Cure 2004 - Team NYGÅRD Spirit'

  The 13th Anniversary Run t-shirt       The 13th Anniversary Run t-shirt


 Letter to SURVIVORS from Peter Nygård


NYGÅRD has been supporting the fight against breast cancer for over 10 years now - & it is our corporate 'Charity of Choice'. Our commitment toward finding a CURE for breast cancer is STRONG & we are proud to have been a GOLD Level National Sponsor for the 'Run For The Cure 2004'!


The RUN 2004 was held in 39 sites across Canada on SUN OCT3 & broke every record & expectation by raising in excess of $19.2M for Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. The Run involved 170,000+ participants; NYGÅRD Associates in every city across the country were participants as well ... all walking, running & raising funds toward a cure for Breast Cancer.


 Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Survivor Tshirt table      Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG


Team NYGÅRD - led by our Chairman Peter Nygård, wanted to do something special for the SURVIVORS - In 2003, NYGÅRD premiered the pink Survivor T-shirt, donating 15,000 to the Run. This year NYGÅRD donated 25,000 pink Survivor T-shirts, allowing even more Survivors to proudly identify themselves & dramatically show just how many people are affected by breast cancer & SURVIVE it.


 Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Michelle H and Jackie W      Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Tanya V


NYGÅRD also donated the t-shirts worn by all other Run participants. Since becoming a national sponsor of the 'Run for the Cure in 2001', NYGÅRD has donated 600,000+ t-shirts for the cause.

Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Maria F, Paula A, and Normand L      Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Harry A


'The Run for the Cure' is the CBCF's largest national fundraising event supporting the advancement of breast cancer research, education, diagnosis & treatment & marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in OCT.

 Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Andy Lui, and David L       Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Richard W, Heather S, Manju D, and Stephenie O'Leary


"Breast Cancer awareness is top of mind for our associates, 12 months of the year", says NYGÅRD's Founder & Chairman Peter Nygård!

 Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG      Run for the Cure - 2004 - Team WPG - Len N, and Matthieu